Vns Guallatire (6.100) and Parinacota (6.342) (Ex “Mallkus Circuit”)

In the extreme north of Chile the Atacama Desert, the Pacific Ocean, fertile valleys, the Andes Mountain Range with peaks of over 6,000 m and the Lauca Biosphere Reserve come together. This conjunction of colours and contrasts, unique in the world, invites us to live a unique experience recalling the ancient habitants of the Altiplano who  climbed the summits of the high mountains to ask Mother Earth for her blessings and thanking her with animal offerings. This route, which combines trekking and climbing reveals to us the mysteries of the Aymara world, by going deep into the legend and mythology of the great high altitude sanctuaries, guardian hills, protectors, sources of life and wisdom.

Characteristics: ascents of low technical level and a very good physical condition. Altitude: Guallatire Vol 6,100 masl; Parinacota Vol 6,342 masl.


  • Lauca Biosphere Reserve
  • 2 volcanoes of 6,000 metros, technically easy.
  • 6 days of trekking/acclimatisation before the first summit.


ADVANCED. Programme aimed at people with mountain experience, who are physically prepared for efforts at high altitude. Walks of between 6/9 hours. Gradients on some days may reach 1,000 to 1,200 m. Summits of 6,000 metres without great technical complications with use of crampons and ice axe. Progression on slopes between 30/40°.


Day 1: Airport-Arica. Transfer from the Airport to the hotel. Free dinner.

Day 2: Arica – Codpa. Visit Archaeological Museum in San Miguel de Azapa. Transfer to Codpa Valley (1,850 masl). Trekking Codpa-Guañacagua (total 10 km). Hotel.

Day 3: Codpa – Belén. Visit Ofragía petroglyphs. Transfer to Belén (3,260 masl). Trekking to 3,800 m. Night at family hostel.

Day 4: Belén – Putre. Transfer to Socoroma (3,060 masl). Visit of the village. Trekking Socoroma-Putre (3,060 > 3.500 m, 6 hrs). Night at hotel.

Day 5: Putre. Trekking Putre-Jurasi Hotsprings- height 4,300 masl. Hot springs. Return to Putre. Night at hotel.

Day 6: Putre – Salar de Surire salt flat. Transfer to Salar de Surire salt flat. Trekking along the shore of the salt flat (1.5 hrs). Camp at 4,500 masl, close to the salt flat and Polloquere hot springs.

Day 7: Surire. Ascent to Chihuana Mountain (5,300 masl, 6 hrs there and back). Return to camp. Hot springs. Night at camp.

Day 8: Surire – Base Camp. Guallatire Vol. Transfer to base camp of Guallatire Vol at 5,100 masl. Night at campsite.

Day 9: BC – Summit – BC. Ascent Guallatire Vol (6,100 masl). It takes approximately 8 hrs there and back, high altitude non technical ascent. Summit. Return to camp. Night at camp.

Day 10: BC – Parinacota. Visit Chungará Lake, Cotacotani Lagoons. Night at family hostel.

Day 11: Parinacota. Rest day. Visit of the village and its surroundings. Night at family hostel.

Day 12: Parinacota – Caquena (BC Parinacota Vol). Transfer to base camp of Parinacota Vol. Night at camp (4,550 masl).

Day 13: BC – High Camp. Trekking to high camp of Parinacota Vol. Luggage portage by donkeys. Night at camp (5,180 masl).

Day 14: High Camp – Summit – Base camp. Ascent Parinacota Vol. Summit. Descent to base camp. Night at camp.

Day 15: Base camp – Arica. Descent to the city of Arica. Night at hotel.

Day 16: Arica – Airport. Transfer out airport.